Lease a Jeans

Ok, so, after having forgotten about this blog many times and many months I have decided to do something with it now! And I see I kind of started that already in the past. This is mainly for myself, but anyone else who likes it is welcome to follow it 🙂

The world right now is shifting, changing, as it always is. Right now, however, it’s rather crucial. From an industrialized polluting society we must change to a self-sustainable society. From individualism many want to change to a more interconnected world where we see each others as our brothers and sisters. From GDP we shift to GNH (gross national happiness) measuring what matters. Transforming from an Egosystem to an Ecosystem


We hear many many negative, painful, heartbreaking stories about the way people treat people and people treat the earth. However, there are also many many really cool, awesome initiatives, social entreprises and projects in this world that show a lot of creativity, compassion, joy, and hope! And in order for me to have all those cool initiatives I encounter in one place so I won’t forget about them I will post them here. So I can come back here and look through them, get inspired, get ideas, feel there are many others with me, and hopefully soonish add my own initiative here =)

First cool thing to post: LEASE A JEANS

Instead of buying a jeans, you can lease a jeans at Mud Jeans (Dutch).
You pay 20 euros one time, and than each month 5 euros. After a year you return your jeans and choose a new one! The jeans are made in such a way so that they can be easily recycled into a new pair of jeans!!

Check it out (in Dutch):



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