Dare to thrive!

It’s been two months since I started the Knowmads journey. And it’s been 2,5 months since I arrived in Hanoi. When leaving Amsterdam I wrote how I was taking a leap of faith. In order to give space for new possibilities to arise, I decided to let go of my familiar and safe life. I compared it to finding out if you can swim. When you hold on to the side of the swimming pool, you can’t find out if you know how to swim. You have to let go of the side first to swim.

“I have been holding on to many strings of attachment that gave me a feeling of security: a waitressing job that made sure I had an income even though it was not at all what I want to be doing, a room in a house where I feel safe and at ease surrounded by my flat mates and my sister, a city I got very fond of in the past 3 years with my friends and my Ving Tsun school. I know how to live in this city, how to survive and enjoy myself. However, I’m not thriving”

And that is why I came to Hanoi, to learn how to thrive. To step out of my comfort zone, to learn the lessons my heart wants to learn. And that is also my drive behind joining Knowmads Hanoi.

Challenging my fears and insecurities

When starting the Knowmads journey I wanted to challenge my fears and insecurities. I wanted to grow more self-confidence. I wanted to learn to go out there and share my ideas with people so that I might get their support, collaboration or feedback. Instead of freezing by the idea of having to perform, having to show myself and maybe fail or lose control, I wanted to learn how to start acting without being perfect. The personal project I had for myself fit perfect to my personal learning goals. Setting up a self-development training program in which I am the workshop facilitator meant getting my ideas out there, putting myself out there as the workshop facilitator, branding myself. I put myself completely in the spotlight.

Lead from Insight

So I started my own venture, Lead from Insight. In the 8 weeks we had, I developed my own workshop, I developed my brand and I gave my first workshop series. I stepped out of the idea phase, into the doing phase. To be honest, most of the time I’d rather stay in bed, comfortably hidden under the covers, thinking about what I could do and perfecting my ideas more and more. It’s scary to go out and try to make it happen. I might fail, be too unprofessional, or get myself in situations I cannot control. I might need to improvise…My worst nightmare.


What I learned from Doing It!

But then, I expressed my wish and offer to give workshops to any organization that would be interested. This led to my first opportunity to give an actual workshop to the volunteers of CSDS (centre for sustainable development studies). And I learned some important lessons from actually doing it:

–          It’s not scary to fail or be imperfect. My workshop definitely wasn’t perfect, but I still enjoyed it and could feel satisfied with the results.

–          It’s fun to learn!

–          It’s fun to improve! By giving my workshop and getting feedback I got new ideas to improve myself and get better. This energized me and motivated me to make changes in the workshops, reflect on them again, get new insights and ideas. This is so much fun!

I conclude from this that:
I enjoy the journey that comes from being imperfect

Being imperfect gives me the chance to grow, to learn more. And that’s what life is about for me. It’s a lifelong learning journey. Wouldn’t life be immensely boring if there would be nothing to learn anymore?

Dare to thrive!

What I learned and what I want to pass on is: Dare to thrive!

To me thriving means: feeling creative, letting yourself be seen, doing your passion, stepping into the unknown.

I feel more creative than ever before because I am not holding myself back anymore, because there is movement in me, I follow my passion. I am thriving because I let myself be seen, and from this opportunities arise. I take in my place and dare to stand for myself. I am not just dreaming my passion, I started actually doing what my heart is telling me to do. And all this wasn’t possible if I wouldn’t have stepped into the unknown, cutting some ties with my old, familiar situation and eyes pointed to the horizon, eager and ready to capture any possibility on my path.

My story, your story

Now I want to make my story, your story, everybody’s story. Because I believe everybody can thrive. And when we all thrive, when we all act from out qualities and talents, when we all follow our passion, we will all contribute positively to society. Instead of following the expectations of our friends, families and society, pushing and pulling us away from ourselves, we can find out what our own expectations and drives are. And when we combine all of our passions and talents, we can do incredible things. Together we will be creating a healthy, happy and thriving society.


This is my story, it can also be your story.

Dare to thrive!

final Miranda 1-001week 8 week 8 (2)


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