Wealth of information = poverty of attention

The world has changed incredibly fast the past few decennia. Communication is now lightening fast and global. This means we get to process a tremendous amount of information. Before the invetion of television and the internet we had to deal with our local community and maybe 1 or 2 neighbouring villages, nowadays our awareness has expended and embraces the world community. We know what’s happening at the other side of the world and very often we even have acquaintances and friends in far away countries.
This change happend so fast and has a big impact on all of us, human beings. It’s a huge change within a remarkably short period of time. Especially when we compare it with most significant changes in human societies in the past.  For instance, it took us thousands of years to evolve from hunter-gatherer nomadic societies to agricultural settled societies.
I believe the effect on our bodies, mind and consciousness is immense. Our body and our consciousness haven’t had any time to adjust to these changes or go through an evolutionary process. I’ve no idea if this is actually going to happen. However, it means that we need mindfulness now more than ever before! Nobel-winning economist Herbert Simon realized in 1977 already that a big amount of information uses up “the attention of its recipeints. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Get me some focus! 😉Image

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